An Education

Carey Mulligan in a school uniform standing near a larder and looking pensive
Carey Mulligan considers a career as a content designer. (Is that SPAM I see in the pantry?)

I wish….

Running the Content-A-Thon

Respecting others

Getting back to the office

Doin’ the South-Western Freeze

I see it as my duty to force early 80’s classics on you. Eat up that slap bass

Talking, not shouting

A boy yelling

The Terrible Awful

Coming to the crunch

Man lying awake with his eyes wide open due to insomnia
Well, apparently it doesn’t lead to an early death (image: Getty images)

New recruits


Please release me

The calm during the storm

Stormy skies
I’m told it does actually stop raining sometimes in Dorset

More work to do

Status: warming up

Neil Lawrence

Doing digital stuff in Dorset for the public sector. Deranged thoughts here are all my own.

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